Friday, May 3, 2013

Review - "That's Why God Made the Radio" 7" Single

Issued last year in a couple of variations, I offer a quick look at the 45rpm vinyl single for "That's Why God Made the Radio", backed with an instrumental version of the same.

The single was issued on its own, and then later in the year it strangely appeared in a small boxed set exclusively at Target stores, offered in a box along with a "Beach Boys 50" t-shirt.

The main draw here in the otherwise-unavailable instrumental mix of the song. It's about what you would expect: it's the song with the vocals stripped away. Interestingly, it is also missing a few other overdubs, most notably the saxophone. I love hearing alternate items like this, even in cases like this where no Beach Boys are even on the backing track with the possible exception of Brian.

I only wish this would have seen a digital or physical CD release as well, as while I'm enjoying spinning vinyl, it's still kind of a pain compared to popping a CD in.

It seems doubtful the instrumental track will see release elsewhere, so this is a fun curiosity to seek out. The sleeve artwork, while not terribly exciting, is arguably what should have been used for the actual album artwork.

Hopefully a review of the album itself is forthcoming soon; I think it would be instructive to look back on the album a year later.......

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