Monday, May 13, 2013

Matt Jardine Sits in with Mike & Bruce.....

Matt Jardine apparently popped up for a few numbers during Mike and Bruce's "Beach Boys" concert on Sunday, May 12 in Arizona, singing "Darlin'" and "Help Me Rhonda."

What does this mean? Nothing, most likely. It's a good sign that there is not any ill will considering the distant past of the late 90's. For those that don't recall, there was an awkward but short period of time in 1998 when Matt Jardine was still the "falsetto guy" in Mike's "Beach Boys" after Al Jardine's departure. It didn't last long, but Matt's departure probably was not completely unrelated to Al's.

In any event, it seems relations in the Beach Boys world are relatively calm compared to previous years and decades. In other words, there are no pending lawsuits at least.

I still cannot completly dismiss the irony that Matt Jardine can appear at a "Beach Boys" concert while Al Jardine for all we know could be sitting at home with nothing to do. I'm not suggesting Al simply joining Mike's "Beach Boys" would be ideal, but Al's amazingly intact voice should be heard somewhere, either with Brian's tour, or Mike's, or ideally with a reunited five-man Beach Boys lineup.

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