Saturday, May 25, 2013

New & Recent ESQ Issues....

I've failed to mention the most recent issue of "Endless Summer Quarterly", Spring 2013, which celebrates the "Holland" album with new interviews from Mike and Al. They don't often comment on this era, especially Mike, so it's interesting to hear Mike delve into a new interview topic instead of reminding us that "Kokomo" was #1 and the Beach Boys are still tops on oldies radio. Check out the issue of course. Mike comments on his shared interests with Al and how they were able to share meditation and whatnot.

As I've mentioned in the past, from about 1998 to around 2008 or so, you would rarely see Mike even mention Al's name in interviews. He would talk about Brian, but rarely Al. Mike and Al's relationship seems to be an interesting one in the band's history that still hasn't been delved into too deeply.

I also did not previous mention the Winter 2012 issue, which was a tribute to Carl and Dennis comprised of clippings from previous ESQ issues. A wonderful tribute, and I didn't have all of the back issues from which they pulled clippings, but a bit disappointing to get a sort of "best of" issue with little new content. Still worth picking up, especially if your subscription to ESQ has been spotty over the years and you don't have all the back issues.

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