Monday, May 13, 2013

Bruce Said it Last Year, But.......

A recent extremely short promotional story for Mike and Bruce's "Beach Boys" show in Las Vegas (found here: ) recycles a quote from Bruce from last year that apparently some of us missed:

“The band that’s going to win the noncompetition, no offense to Brian, is whoever’s called the Beach Boys,” Johnston said last year. “I just kind of stuck with what I know. I just hung in there. Mike got the license to be the Beach Boys, and he’s kind of the front guy. I thought, ‘Well he’s my friend, I’ll just kind of hang in this world.’ ”
And, let it not be forgotten, “We built a huge, huge business out of it. Huge.”

You can all just stew on Bruce's quote above for awhile. I'm sure I can editorialize on that at length at any time without much trouble.......

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