Sunday, April 7, 2013

New "50th Anniversary" Live CD Potentially Due

An intriguing listing has popped up on Amazon for a 2-CD set. Check it out:
It appears to be legit, although we'll see if the imminent release date holds. It's a bit odd we haven't heard a peep about this, but it's due in six weeks.
On the plus side, 2 CD's should afford the opportunity for at least something more substantial than the 21 tracks we got on the "Live in Concert" DVD/Blu-ray.
It's doubtful we'll get all 61 songs performed on the tour, especially as they probably wouldn't fit that on 2 CD's even if they cut every bit of crowd noise and stage banter.
But it would be nice to at least get a representation of the typical show on the tour that usually included around 44 to 50 songs each night.

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