Saturday, April 13, 2013

"50th Anniversary Tour" CD Set Tracklisting.....

It appears we have a track listing for the live album:

Disc 1
1 "Do It Again"
2 "Little Honda"
3 "Catch A Wave"
4 "Hawaii"
5 "Don't Back Down"
6 "Surfin' Safari"
7 "Surfer Girl"
8 "The Little Girl I Once Knew"
9 "Wendy"
10 "Getcha Back"
11 "Then I Kissed Her"
12 "Marcella"
13 "Isn't It Time"
14 "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"
15 "When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)"
16 "Disney Girls"
17 "Be True To Your School"
18 "Little Deuce Coupe"
19 "409"
20 "Shut Down"
21 "I Get Around"

Disc 2
1 "Pet Sounds"
2 "Add Some Music To Your Day"
3 "Heroes And Villains"
4 "Sail On, Sailor"
5 "California Saga: California"
6 "In My Room"
7 "All This Is That"
8 "That's Why God Made The Radio"
9 "Forever"
10 "God Only Knows"
11 "Sloop John B"
12 "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
13 "Good Vibrations"
14 "California Girls"
15 "Help Me, Rhonda"
16 "Rock And Roll Music"
17 "Surfin' U.S.A."
18 "Kokomo"
19 "Barbara Ann"
20 "Fun, Fun, Fun"  

I suppose this is about what I expected. I had little hope that we would get a presenation of all 61 songs peformed on the tour. I held a bit of hope out for this based on the band playing all 61 songs at their second-to-last tour stop at the Royal Albert Hall.

The set is an unsurprising mixture of most of the expected hits, with a handfull of the "rare" tracks thrown in. Brian seems to love "Marcella", so that got in. Both Mike and Al seemed into "All This Is That", so that made it. Al added his signature "California Saga" a month into the tour and everyone seemed to have fun with that, so that made it. David's turns on "Getcha Back" and "Pet Sounds" are nice to see.

So what about the exclusions? Some make more sense than others. Many fans have noted the absence of "Cottonfields", which was one of Al's best peformances during the tour. In fact, a lack of more Al (sorry everybody, he has by LEAPS AND BOUNDS the most in-tact voice of the band)  is the biggest let down, as not only was "Cottonfields" dropped, but also "California Dreamin'" and "Come Go With Me". Don't get me wrong, I've never been that enthused about the band's peformances of "Come Go With Me." They always sound fine, but the song is a cover, and kind of boring at this point. But more Al would have been nice. They frankly should have given him more leads during the tour in general, either letting him add more of his songs or giving him a few leads like "Sloop John B" or even just a few of Mike's leads.

The 20 songs from the tour left off the set are:

This Whole World
Come Go With Me
Good Timin'
It's OK
Still Cruisin'
Our Prayer
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
California Dreamin
Summer's Gone
Dance Dance Dance
Please Let Me Wonder
Kiss Me Baby
All Summer Long
You're So Good To Me
Do You Wanna Dance
Don't Worry Baby
Ballad of Ole Betsy
Let Him Run Wild

Some of these objectively make *some* sense, even if I don't have a single objection to any songs. The four at the bottom of the list consist of the leads peformed by non-Beach Boys. Their exclusion is probably not coincidental. Too bad, as they were all good performances. "This Whole World" would have been great, even though I have yet to hear Brian peform a solid lead vocal on this since he started doing it live in 1999. That may be why it was only sporadically peformed during the tour, and left off the set. "Summer's Gone" was only done twice on the last two shows, so that one's not surprising. "Our Prayer" was only done a few times as well. Brian's turn on "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" is a bit surprising as an exclusion. "Good Timin'" would have been nice, even if again Brian's lead usually was a bit lackluster, especially distressing considering the lead vocal on that song is not particularly taxing. Al's three aforementioned covers are just that, covers, as is Brian's turn on "Do You Wanna Dance." I felt "Do You Wanna Dance" was probably the weakest song choice on the entire tour, so that's not too distressing to me. Mike seems to have a strong affinity for "It's OK" even if no one else in the band may, so I'm kind of surprised he didn't push to get that one on. "Still Cruisin'", "Dance Dance Dance", "All Summer Long", and "You're So Good to Me" were all songs that were never regularly included in the setlist, so those aren't terribly surprising either.

In any event, while we can hope for some magical third "bonus disc" or some form of bonus tracks that give us more of these songs, this is probably it other than whatever we get on this big tour documentary that is allegedly due on DVD/Blu-ray at the end of the year (and for which donations have been solicited for several months; more on that project in a future post!).

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