Friday, April 19, 2013

Brian and Al in the Studio.....

Brian has been posting a number of pictures recently on his social media platforms depicting a variety of studio sessions for which no explanations have been offered. We’ve seen some pictures of studio sessions with drummer Jim Keltner, old cohort from the 90’s Don Was, Jeff Beck (who may well have simply been working with Brian prepping for the upcoming odd “Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp” project), and now the most interesting of all, Al Jardine.

The first picture from the control room suggested the possibility that Al and Brian may have simply been attending a listening session for the upcoming “Made in California” set or some other Beach Boys project. Speculation that his has anything to do with the upcoming live album seems unlikely, as we're only four weeks out from its release; it most likely has already been mixed, mastered, and potentially already manufactured. But then we got a few “studio floor” shots:


What exactly Brian, Al, and Jeff Foskett could be working on is a mystery, but the fact that they are doing presumably *new* recording is promising, whether it’s a Brian solo project, an Al solo project, some sort of joint project, or some potential Beach Boys project.

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