Friday, March 27, 2015

Okay, the Beach Boys Opinion Page is Going to Try Facebook.....

We're going to give it a go on Facebook folks. As I mentioned some time back, the idea is that perhaps I'll be able to offer more commentary and news and whatnot over there, while still putting stuff up regularly here, usually more in the long-form area (e.g. the reviews of tracks below).

So you can check us out at:

As you can see above, Brian has more hands-on experience with Facebook than we do, so do whatever you can to spread the word about our Facebook page and the blog here. I only ask that so I can at least feel like somebody's reading this stuff. I'm still getting the hang of what works and what doesn't; our Facebook page is a "Page" rather than personal one, so it really has to rely on folks coming across it and recommending it. I can't send "friend" requests and whatnot for a Facebook "page" that isn't a person one. 

In any event, let's hope this all works and spurs some activity and creativity.

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