Monday, August 19, 2013

50th Anniversary Live DVD Project Unceremoniously Cancelled

It seems the long-in-gestation live DVD/Blu-ray project that was first announced last December has been cancelled. Back in December, producers of this project solicited donations via the PledgeMusic website, donations that would presumably help fund the project. Various levels of pledges were offered, including getting your name in the credits once the project was released.

A targeted December 2013 release date seemed to give them plenty of time. The Pledge Music site was to be a hub through which the producers could offer donators exclusive sneak peeks into the making of the film. However, these "previews" and various "exclusive content" seemed to dry up only a few months into the project. Many fans were skeptical from the get-go. Additionally, the few clips and bits posted on the site weren't very promising. The whole thing had a rag-tag, somewhat unprofessional feel from the get-go.

A few days ago, donators started receiving refunds without explanation. A few fans e-mailed and got some generic responses concerning the project being cancelled. Head over the Smiley Smile board, where one fan did some impressive digging into recent stories to discover what may have been the downfall this project, a convoluted story involving a bunch of funding and business dealings totally unrelated to the Beach Boys. It seems the funding may have been what fell through on this project, and it was tainted by the point that fans' money was returned.

We are certainly glad everyone is presumably getting their money back. One fan received an e-mail response indicating Universal (who now own Capitol) may be taking this project in another direction. So we can hope something will surface of this project in the future, and hopefully it will entail above all else a full, complete presentation of a show (or shows) on the tour.

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