Friday, January 25, 2013

Wilson, Jardine, Marks, Nash, and Young........

Okay, Nash and Young aren't involved.... as far as I know. But this hilariously doctored version of the back cover of the Beach Boys' "That's Why God Made the Radio" album does signal that the Brian/Al/David lineup appears to be enough of a future going concern that they're publicizing it on Brian's internet hubs (Facebook, etc.).

Fans were of course quick to spot that the photo is, well, photoshopped. Some fans have been quick to wag their finger in shame as the strange exaggerated defense of Mike Love continues. Somehow, this doctored photo is as heinous to some fans as Mike nixing more reunion shows and continuing to use the "Beach Boys" name.

In any event, it continues to be an open question as to whether this is just three buddies joining together for some shows, or some sort of salvo in a passive-agressive post-reunion Beach Boys era.

Someone over on the Smiley Smile board posted some hilarious and (hopefully) bogus "Breaking News":

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